Business to Business

Paradise Writing offers a variety of custom B2B services for businesses of all sizes. Two of our most popular services are Batch Resumes and Cover Letters and Marketing Copy. Whether you are looking to increase operations or trying to help your workforce through a difficult transition, Paradise Writing B2B services can help. 


B2B Batch Resumes and Cover Letters Service



Increasing Operations


For organizations looking to increase operations through contracting or sub-contracting, batch resumes create a uniform and organized proposal or application packet for your company. By working closely with leadership and management, the Paradise Writing team will ensure that industry-specific skills, tools or abilities essential to your field are captured and represent what each featured employee adds to your proposal.



Transitioning Organizations



For organizations experiencing transitions like mergers, downsizing or ceasing operations, batch resumes and cover letters are a way to ensure your employees have an essential tool to aid in their continued employment. Show your employees you care by providing them the opportunity to have their resumes reviewed, revised or created, raising their chances of being competitive in the market, increasing morale, and reducing dissatisfaction among the transitioning workforce.




B2B Marketing Copy Services



Does your company have a marketing campaign in the works? Let Paradise Writing help you reach your goals and audience with customized content. From emails to blog and social media posts, we work closely with your leadership and marketing team to produce curated content that fits your needs. Increase sales, referrals or conversions with engaging original content including keywords.