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Paradise Writing provides content writing for marketing campaigns, blogs, websites, and social media accounts. Our talented team of writers works in conjunction with you, your business, and your chosen website design, marketing, and advertising professionals to provide the specified, well-researched, and timely content you need to boost your brand and your business. We are experienced with SEO requirements, and skilled in producing anything from quirky lists of fun facts to in-depth articles on highly technical, medical, or scientific topics. Your consultation will include a detailed quote for your specific project goals.


What does content writing cost?


Our pricing structure is simple. We offer Ala Carte and Package services that are each based on the same per-word flat rate.


Ala Carte: You pick only the services you need.


Pre-set Packages: Choose from three levels of bundled services for discounts of up to 15%.  


Custom Packages: Mix and match our Ala Carte services with a pre-set package to create a customized package, and save up to 15%.


All of our content writing services are priced per month with only a one month minimum, monthly billing, 2 free revision rounds, and no-hassle cancellations.