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Happy Friday and welcome to the May spotlight. Paradise Writing is thankful for each and every one of our talented, passionate, and skilled team members. This month, Adia has been gracious enough to share a little about herself, her background, and her insights on the freelance writer life. Read, Enjoy & Share!

Hello Paradise Writing Community.

My name is Adia. I worked as a computer operations clerk for over ten years, and in March 2017, I became an independent contractor. While pursuing my bachelor’s degree, being a new mom, and working gig economy apps (Grubhub to Uber Eats), I was looking to further my freelance writing career. In the midst of content mills and other freelance service sites, I found Paradise Writing.

I am looking into getting my Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW) credential to be a better asset for Paradise Writing. I want to be more familiar with WordPress and Adobe Photoshop. I am a transcriptionist with one client, which makes me more determined to receive training in editing as well. I am taking it one course at a time.

With my training and other commitments, I’ve had to revamp my routine. I work six hours a day Monday through Friday and four to seven hours a day on the weekend. Monday through Friday are reserved for all writing jobs, and Saturday and Sunday are for transcription work. I set this schedule so I do not sacrifice quality on any of my projects.

There are many pros to being an independent contractor and several tools, like QuickBooks, to help keep track of everything work-related. Being a freelance writer and independent contractor, work tends to be slow, but I remember my why. Why did I decide to work from home full time?

The number one answer to why anyone would be an independent contractor or a freelance writer is the freedom. Although you aren’t being micromanaged, it takes discipline to manage your time, your projects and seeking out work. You still have to represent yourself through your work.

Being an independent contractor or a freelancer is a broad job title. What area do you want to venture into? Being a freelance writer, for example, I learned there are a variety of writing jobs. Writing resumes, ghostwriting, working in the self-publishing industry, and providing writing services for content mills are just a few of the things I learned about. Working with Paradise Writing has taught me that communication is important whether you are working independently or in a nine-to-five job.

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