Meet our Team - Megan

Hi, everyone! By way of introduction, my name is Megan.

I live in South Carolina with my two cats. While I can’t say I wanted to be a journalist and communicator since birth, I knew at a very young age that I was destined to love the English language and staunchly support its correct usage. My first clue was the pure joy I experienced every time I got to diagram a sentence in front of the class in elementary school. I was downright giddy. I still love diagramming sentences!

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, I began my career at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, primarily working with Congressional offices in the company's Public Affairs Department. I transitioned to state government in a public information role, eventually becoming Communications Director for two state agencies. I recently retired after 40 years in the field.

The most insane project I managed happened when state public pension reform legislation was being debated. Odds were in favor of some version of reform passing, and my executive director charged me with making sure our website content and all of our publications were updated and published at 12:01 a.m. on the effective date of the law. Easy peasy. Not. The House and Senate had their own versions of reform, each with very different provisions. Since we had little time in which to make all of the necessary revisions to our materials, which were voluminous, we created two completely separate versions of everything we had, including or website. As the proposed effective date quickly approached, the legislators couldn’t reach an agreement. A conference committee was appointed to work out a compromise. They finally reached a compromise, a week from the effective date. And, wouldn’t you know it, the law taking effect had provisions pulled from both bills. Fortunately, we pulled It off, getting everything published and online the day before the effective date. We were able to use the Senate versions we created with modifications from the House versions we put together.

Last year, once I decided to retire January 1, 2020, I began looking into contract writing and editing work so I could keep up my skills and be productive professionally without working full-time. I came upon Paradise Writing and had a good feeling about the company. I felt even better about it after talking with Amira. While it was a telephone interview, it felt like an incredibly comfortable and enjoyable conversation. I accepted a contract position with Paradise last July and am looking forward to doing what I can to help Amira succeed and grow. And, I have to ask, has anyone else thought that Amira's team needs an on-site meeting in Honolulu?

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