Navigating the New Normal #3

Staying Fit while Staying In

Navigating the New Normal is a Paradise Writing Blog Series covering life and work tips, tricks, and articles of interest during COVID19. We're all in this together.

Your goals of starting or maintaining a fitness routine don't have to be overlooked during these extraordinary times. Here are three simple tips to help.

By: Adia S.

Gym memberships can be an expense rather than a necessity. Twenty-four hours is never enough for that continuous to-do list. Even through fatigue or a caffeine detox, staying fit at home is achievable with solutions that are easier than you think.

Make It Convenient

Don’t blame anyone else's snacks for you not sticking to your diet. The objective is to avoid temptation even when you can’t isolate yourself from it. Remember the basics of your diet. When they’re on sale or in season, buy fruits and vegetables in bulk. Even if you’re on a keto diet or following a vegan lifestyle, you can avoid foods you aren’t allowed to have by buying more of what you can have. To cut back on sugar, avoid white flour products, drink water or flavored tea, and buy strawberries, blackberries, peaches, or other fruits that are low in sugar. For a low-sodium option, buy frozen vegetables and use lemon juice, lime juice, Mrs. Dash, or McCormick for seasoning alternatives. If you must buy canned, always rinse before cooking.

Get Creative

Walking in place and doing 15 jumping jacks is a great 10-minute warm-up. If you

didn’t purchase any workout programs to follow, go to YouTube for some free alternatives. They may be short, but you can create a playlist for the duration of your workout. If you don’t have a dumbbell, use canned goods as free weights. Do at least 5 to 7 repetitions with correct posture, and you will feel the weight of those 28-[KS1] ounce cans. Start small with a 10-minute workout for beginners and build up to 30 minutes or an hour. Modify, modify, and modify. If you can’t do push-ups, start on your knees or do wall push-ups. If you can’t do sit-ups, start with crunches. The purpose is to stay motivated and not get discouraged from continuing your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Consistent

Use your devices, a pen and paper, or a dry-erase board to help keep track of workout and rest days. Making it visible will make it feasible. If your weakness is self-accountability, join a group or tell someone who will hold you accountable for your goals. If your meals are repetitive, find quick and easy recipes on Pinterest, YouTube, or Google. Change is a part of life, so if life happens, start again tomorrow. Keep trying until it becomes a habit.

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