Navigating the New Normal #6

Creating Space

Some of us started working from home in March, thinking it would be a temporary situation. Others are now under new (or renewed) work from home, stay at home directives. In any case, it might be time to establish a dedicated workspace in your home. This installment has some suggestions for you.

Navigating the New Normal is a Paradise Writing Blog Series covering life and work tips, tricks, and articles of interest during COVID19. We're all in this together. - PW

By: Adia S.

No Spare room? No problem. How to create space to work from home

Working from home shouldn’t be viewed as inconvenient. Even in small corners, office space can reflect professionalism and individuality within the home. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your office space functional while maximizing the amount of space available.

By the window or the wall?

If you aren’t able to turn a walk-in closet into an isolated workspace, a set up within a corner of the house or next to a window will do fine. A small rug and/or room divider can add a needed accent to your area. With the amount of Zoom and other virtual meetings taking place, investing in a green screen set up (Less than $50 online) does double duty. A kitchen table is a practical choice, but here are three other recommendations: an adjustable standing desk, a folding table, or a ladder desk. A comfortable chair with a pillow for back support will work for all but the standing option. You have the place, now you need equipment.

Conquer storage and diversion.

To avoid slouching use a monitor stand to keep the screen at eye level. If you type a lot, a wrist pad is also suggested. A cellphone is handy and useful for calendar features and alarms, but games can lead to procrastination. To help stay focused, consider using a dry erase board to help keep track of daily work tasks.

Clutter is the enemy of achievement.

A floating drawer or a desk drawer will keep things both hidden and within reach. A wall pegboard next to the desk will add extra storage potential for hanging wire baskets. If you can’t purchase wire baskets for those pens, paper clips, or USB flash drives, one or two coffee mugs make a convenient substitute. Where there are devices there are plugs, so don’t forget that multi-use cord storage box. If your workspace is the kitchen table, that cable tidy box will make cleanup easier. Before your office nook is complete, there are other factors to think about.

Other Considerations…

Some jobs require a hardwire internet versus WiFi. If your space is limited but you need dual monitors, turning your iPad or Android tablet into a second monitor might be an option with apps like Air Display (Apple) or Spacedesk (Google Play). Are you using a PC or a laptop? Printer versus a 3-in-1 and not all are wireless friendly. Equipment requirements vary, but a comfortable, functional at-home work space is possible.

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