Navigating the New Normal #7

Telework Options Explained

While many companies have incorporated some sort of remote work, not all have. If you are ready to branch out on your own and make the switch, you are not alone! Read on to learn about some viable options for those seeking remote work independently.

Navigating the New Normal is a Paradise Writing Blog Series covering life and work tips, tricks, and articles of interest during COVID19. We're all in this together. - PW

By: Adia S.

COVID has accelerated the shift towards increased remote and telework opportunities, but between YouTube clickbait, affiliate marketing tactics, and SEO generated websites, it can be difficult to figure which jobs are legitimate, and right for you. Here are descriptions of some genuine telework positions and what you can really expect.

Call center/customer care agents and customer service representatives are becoming more available through companies such as U-Haul, Amazon and Assisted Senior Living facilities. Many of these positions require weekend and/or nightshift availability and a noise-free environment. If you can't guarantee a noise-free workspace, look into online chat consultant or email support agent opportunities instead. For each of these positions, the ability to deal effectively with people is a must.

Virtual assistants are needed in a wide range of non-office administrative tasks such as scheduling or canceling appointments, arranging prescription refill reminders, or canceling cable services. You should possess strong skills in organization and attention to detail.

Data entry or transcriptionist operations are suitable for introverts or anyone seeking less person-person interaction. When considering these positions, avoid any organization asking for fees or equipment reimbursement. Those likey scams. For a transcriptionist position, companies like Rev and TranscribeMe will hire unexperienced employees once they pass a one-time training course and an exam which are both free. Also, know the difference in pay types. Some jobs pay an hourly rate (length of time spent on the project) while others pay by the audio hour (the length of the material being transcribed). Transcribing usually takes 2 - 5X the length of the material, so being paid by audio hour could turn out to be significantly less than an hourly rate for the same assignment. If you are not sure how the company pays, ask before accepting any work.

Bookkeeping, editing/writing, & graphic/web design are all solid options. If you have the skillsets required, consider working as an independent contractor/freelancer in these fields. For beginning freelance writers, companies like Textbroker, WriterAccess, or Content Runner can offer a start. Freelancers in other fields can try professional service sites such as Fiverr and Upwork, but be aware that newbies often have to bid low in order to secure gigs, and that brings a risk of underpayment.

Independent couriers work for the food, industrial and medical industries. You will not get rich, but if you have a vehicle, these jobs can provide supplementary income.

If none of the above appeals to you, remember that sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed list remote/telework vacancies in more traditional fields with established companies. Make sure you have a resume to upload, and are prepared to answer application questions.

Do you have any experience looking for telework or more questions about the options out there? Let us know in the comments!

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