New Year Update - Navigating the New Normal 2021, No.1

It’s been almost a year of pandemic living and working, aka The New Normal. If you’ve been working or teaching remotely, even part-time, now is the time to update your resume and cover letter with the skills and technology you’ve used to adapt to this climate. Here are some tips on what to include:

For your resume –

1. Go beyond mentioning Apple or Microsoft Operating systems and list specific platforms and tools you’ve been using. For example, does your company use Zoom, or Google Meet? Is your school using Blackboard, Zoom, or a hybrid of the two? Future employers will want to know what your day-to-day tools were.

2. Add any training you received during this time. Whether you got certified to teach coworkers about a new technology, or just pursued new training to bring yourself up to speed, these additions will show that you are agile, adaptable, and able to learn new things.

3. Update your summary/objective to specify remote work or teaching. This way, employers will know, right upfront, that you performed in this setting.

4. Don’t forget to update your stats! Pre-pandemic, most job hours were assumed. Certain positions worked M-F, 40 hours per week. Others more, others less. Currently, work routines are much more fluid. For example, some teachers tasked to provide hybrid learning are putting in twice the prep time. Take a look at what you’re doing differently, and update the numbers in your resume to reflect that.

For your cover letter –

1. In this document, be sure to mention what adaptations your company or school used and how you personally adjusted.

2. Many of us have faced challenges in the pivot to remote work. It’s ok to mention that, but be sure to follow up with how you overcame them.

3. Has working or teaching remotely brought you any unexpected benefits? Is there something positive you can say about the experience? If so, be sure to mention it, even if it’s something little like saving on transportation costs, or eating healthier.

If you need help with any of these updates, or have any questions, please contact us.

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