What type of resume do I need?

There are two basic categories of resume: Federal and General.

What is a Federal Resume?

The federal resume is required when applying for employment with the federal government through the official USAJobs.gov website. It is longer and more in-depth than a general resume with an average of 3 to 10 pages. Federal applicants are encouraged to use all ten pages of space if they have the work history/education/information to fill them. You cannot interchange a federal resume with one for general or private industry use. While USAJobs.gov does provide a resume building tool, it does not provide formatting or guidance on content.

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What is a General Resume?

General Resumes are used when applying for jobs in private industry with civilian employers or contractors. They are no more than two-pages in length and can be categorized as chronological, functional or combination. General resumes need high-impact words and statements in order to make the biggest impression in a small amount of space.

Paradise Writing is adept at translating skills and experiences into terms of value for civilian and private industry employers. Our tailored, professional documents can help you get to the next stage in the job-seeking process – the interview. Put Paradise Writing to work for you today, for a better chance at landing a job tomorrow!

Do I need a cover letter?

Short answer? Yes!

Many job-seekers overlook this short, but powerful document. Cover Letters are your opportunity to speak directly to a hiring manager. They are used to highlight and expand upon your unique skills and qualifications, give a sense of your personality and to explain a varied employment history or address gaps in employment. They are also used to make a direct request for an interview and follow-on communication with Hiring Managers. Often, cover letters can act as tie-breakers between two equally qualified applicants. When given the option to submit a cover letter, take it! The only time Paradise Writing suggests clients don't submit a cover letter is when they have been clearly instructed not to.

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